The General Assembly Returns to Town …

The North Carolina General Assembly returned to Raleigh on April 25 for its “Short” Session. The Short Session’s primary purpose is to adjust the State’s two-year budget.  Legislation eligible for consideration in the Short Session include bills that passed from one chamber to the other last Session, bills that directly affect the State budget (such as a tax, fee or appropriation), and bills recommended by the numerous interim study committees.  Even so, new legislation can be added to eligible bills at any time, and that happens constantly. In the coming Session, the General Assembly is expected to continue to address regulatory reform, tax reform and economic incentives, among other issues.  Three of the firm’s attorneys, R. Frank Gray, Henry W. Jones, Jr., and Jon P. Carr each maintain an active legislative practice, representing over twenty clients’ interests before the State Legislature and government agencies.  These clients include trade and professional associations, and business and industry.  Jordan Price has been representing clients before the State Legislature since its inception in 1951.  – Jon P. Carr


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