Joe Wall article featured in North Carolina Association of Defense Attorneys publication and in North Carolina Lawyers Weekly

An article written by Joe Wall was recently featured in the Winter 2007 quarterly publication of the North Carolina Association of Defense Attorneys and in the December 17, 2007 edition of North Carolina Lawyers Weekly. The article examines recently enacted legislation that changed the common law rule regarding the admissibility of expert testimony concerning vehicular speed. For many years, the common law rule in North Carolina was that no one, including experts, could testify concerning the speed of a motor vehicle unless he or she had actually observed the vehicle in motion. The article explains the history of the common law rule, discusses the new legislation, and cites a 2007 Court of Appeals decision that deals with the issue of whether or not the rule change applies to accidents that occur prior to December 1, 2006. Joe Wall practices in the area of civil litigation with an emphasis on insurance defense and trucking law. You may read the article here.

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