Raleigh Ordinance May Assist HOAs with Turnover of Private Water and Sewer Mains

Raleigh City Ordinance 2017-665 was adopted and effective February 7, 2017. This ordinance helps provide acceptance of privately owned utility mains into the City of Raleigh public system.  In many cases, the operation and maintenance of the private mains are the responsibility of the homeowners’ association, whereas the responsibility for the quality of the water that flows through those mains remains with the City.  According to the Ordinance, many associations may not be well equipped to operate and maintain water and sewer mains and may also wish to dedicate those mains to the City.  The new ordinance provides an administrative process for the City takeover of the system as long as the association’s water distribution systems and sewer collection systems are constructed in conformance with the City, State and Federal requirements for publicly owned water and sewer systems, among other requirements.  Click here for the new ordinance.

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